Ozone Rapido 3

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Der Rapido 3 ist eine turbogeladene Weiterentwicklung des Rapi-Dos. Er bietet deutlich mehr Geschwindigkeit und Leistung bei gleicher Stabilität und gleichem Komfort wie sein Vorgänger. Er wurde speziell für Performance-Piloten entwickelt, die das Nonplusultra an Geschwindigkeit und Swoop-Leistung benötigen.

Overall, the R3 has the widest glide range of any wing we’ve tried, with the easiest launch and most stable feeling in the advanced category — by a lot!
It is faster at all parts of the trim range: Trimmed flat, glide performance is measurably improved. Trimmed steep, it dives and carves even harder than the Rapi-Dos.

The Rapido 3 evolution is focused on drag reduction and efficiency increases, yielding increased speed and glide. A new line set and fine-tuned sail tension have effectively increased the glide range while still allowing high stability at low angles of attack.

Newly engineered laser-cut crossports have reduced weight via the removal of material, without compromising the wing’s overall durability. The lighter sail means lower sail inertia and better agility. Durable main surface material ensures longevity — the Rapido 3 will last for many years of normal use. What that means to you is even easier launches, more agile barrel rolls, faster diving carves, and higher resale value.

The Rapido 3 is designed for speed riding pilots who already have at least one full season flying a highly loaded intermediate wing, such as the Fazer series. The Rapido 3’s speed, dynamic handling, and swoop capability allows pilots to progress to the highest levels of the sport.

A range of sizes from 6m to 15m are available. The 6m size is only for expert pilots with previous Rapido series experience. Sizes 8 through 13 should be chosen based on wingloading and experience, with the 15m size being accessible to the widest range of skill levels.

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