Naviter Flytec Element Track

Naviter Flytec Element Track
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  Flytec Track Flytec Track is right for you if you need a robust and reliable... mehr
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Flytec Track

Flytec Track is right for you if you need a robust and reliable device for your Cross-Country flights with basic airspace warnings and IGC file recording.

The Vario also supports basic competition features. Key additional functionality (compared to the Speed Vario) includes IGC file flight logging, waypoint and route management for competition and racing, plus airspace display and warnings for cross country flying.

As with all of the Flytec range, the Track is:

Simple - Created for the leisure pilot who needs a turn-it-on-and-fly device with essential functionality only.
Robust - Because it is based on the proven Flytec design with an incredibly solid housing.
Reliable - Because of the Naviter designed and simplified internal electronics.

It also has the signature - and much loved - Flytec quality vario and tone.

Main features
-  Robust, shockproof ABS housing
-  Reliable and proven high-sensitivity vario
-  Comfortable and clear vario tone
-  High-contrast monochrome LCD
-  Keyboard with clearly detectable, glove-friendly keys
-  Logbook
-  IGC file for each flight
-  Connect to PC via USB
-  Easy firmware updates
-  Race routes
-  Simple Airspace warnings
-  Speed over ground
-  Waypoints
-  User selectable data fields
-  Current glide ratio
-  Wind direction and wind speed
-  Current flying direction
-  Distance and direction to launch, and to the last thermal
-  Customizable vario tone frequency, sensitivity, audio mode, climb-tone
-  Vario profiles, for different flying types (weak / normal / strong thermals, soaring, ballooning)
-  Altimeter showing MSL (ALT1)
-  Altimeter showing Relative / Flight level / meters or feet (ALT2)
-  Custom relative altimeter which can be reset with a press of a button (ALT3)
-  Graphical instant and average climb indicator
-  Numeric average vario indication
-  Selectable units for Altitude, Vario, Time, Pressure, Temperature
-  Optional additional near-thermal tone
-  Optional tone when a key is pressed
-  English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish user interface
-  Battery life about 30 h

Technical Specification
Housing     ABS Polycarbonate,
Shock resistant shape
Weight     130 g
Size     138 x 72 x 24 mm
Sunlight readable LCD    
Gloves friendly Keyboard    
Number of buttons     7
Battery type     2x AA type batteries
Battery duration     30 hours
Vario     High sensitivity, fast response, customizable tone
Altimeter     Reliable and accurate up to 10.000 meters
Altimeter display     MSL, Relative, Flight Level, Custom
Average vario     Graphical and numerical
Groundspeed display    
Wind display    
IGC files    
USB Connection to PC    
XC Routes    
Airspace alarm     Basic
Airspace display     Basic
Competition routes     Basic
Logbook     IGC Files
Units     Customizable
Multilingual interface     7 languages

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