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  Agile, electrifying The Camino – ready for adventure both on the trail and in the... mehr
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Agile, electrifying

The Camino – ready for adventure both on the trail and in the sky. It offers an alluring blend of smooth, agile handling and electrifying real-world performance.
The Camino will suit pilots who not only like to fly far, but who also love adventure, whether that's hike 'n fly, vol biv' or simply just travelling fast and light.

- agile, dynamic handling
- smooth inflation and easy take-off in all wind conditions
- excellent performance over the entire speed range especially in turbulence and headwinds
- rapid and smooth acceleration on bar
- very stable for the class, especially on bar
- well-damped pitch control
- excellent climbing ability
- light (4.15kg M size)
- compact

Agility and handling
The Camino is agile in the air, smooth to inflate on take-off and naturally damped in pitch and turbulence. Like its counterpart the Bonanza 2, the Camino offers great climbing ability. The lighter fabric increases precision, which makes climbing as efficient and enjoyable as ever. The Camino seems to have a sixth sense to sniff out thermals by gently guiding you towards the lift.

Performance and stability at speed
The Camino has an internal construction optimised for stability and performance rather than absolute lightness. Most of the three cell blocks are connected with “cross-beams”, which help keep a perfect arc even when the speed bar is pushed to the maximum. This helps the wing accelerate rapidly and smoothly whilst also offering good damping. In addition, the upgraded smart riser system — by removing the bridging between B and C risers — makes rear riser control even easier. Effective speed bar operation and performance is key for long XCs, and the Camino makes short work of long, fast glides.

Natural pitch damping
As lighter fabric means less inertia, the Camino has excellent natural pitch damping characteristics. The wing smoothly absorbs turbulence, increasing your performance and decreasing your workload. Inflation on takeoff is smooth and progressive even if you pull a little over-enthusiastically. Overall, the Camino is easy to fly compared to the level of performance on offer.
Designer notes

Designer Gin Seok Song explains the philosophy of the Camino
“Our target was really to combine the agility of the Explorer (EN B) with the performance at speed of the Leopard (EN D) and offer it in a light package.
As we spent more than two years developing the Bonanza 2, we already had much experience with this airfoil, planform and internal construction. For the Camino, we made carefully considered changes to fabric weights, line diameters, plastic reinforcements and the risers. In the end, we found the core design concept translated extremely well to the lighter material.”

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