PHI Tenor 2 Light

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Produktinformationen "PHI Tenor 2 Light"
The superlight Sportster
The first TENOR light was an extreme popular wing. Extremely light and performant. Because of it’s speed and stability the perfect wing for high alpine flying adventures. Now the second generation is even better! -better in every matter: It is even lighter, even easier, even performing better! Even having more complex internal structure, and even having more surface, the second generation of the TENOR lost weight: around 200g! -and with the sporty characteristics of the new generation.
TENOR 2 light Technical Features
The TENOR 2 light is a technically very complex wing for its class (low to mid B). -and this advanced technical complexity made it possible to further on reduce the weight. We removed suspended airfoils and replaced them by super-light unsuspended ones, supported by super optimized finger diagonals. -resulting in less lines, and less weight. The new rod material offer a very high degree of stiffness for their weight. So the TENOR 2 light is significantly easier to launch than the first generation. A super easy inflation behaviour is a must in high alpine launches! Safety was always a key bonus of the TENOR concept. There the TENOR 2 light is setting once again new benchmarks. The safety to speed relation is unique! So it is easy to fly at speed with the confidence.
TENOR 2 light Designer’s Note
Even the sisters SYMPHONIA 2 and TENOR 2 are still similar, the difference in the second generation is bigger. It was worth to invest some more time and effort: finally, we found the TENOR 2 to be an extremely well-balanced wing that is a lot of fun to fly and play around with.
Hannes Papesh
TENOR 2 light risers
The TENOR 2 light is delivered with the semi light riser R04. You are free to customize and choose another riser free of charge. When you want to go for extra light, you may choose the super light RZ1: this is reducing the weight on the tech date list by 285g!
TENOR 2 light guarantee
Like all other PHI wings, the TENOR 2 light is covered by the PHI PROMISE GUARANTEE. Every damage is repaired in the first year of usage.


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