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The Sportster
The first TENOR found many friends due to its extremely dynamic handling and its great performance in high-speed flight. It is the “Sportscar” in PHI’s wide range of products. We have now carefully developed this great concept into the TENOR 2. The TENOR 2 is a little larger than the first generation. In contrast to the first one, there are more differences between the sisters SYMPHONIA 2 and TENOR 2. The TENOR 2 has different line layout with less top lines (more diagonals), resulting in a little bit better performance. Even having more complex internal structure, and even having more surface, the second generation of the TENOR lost weight: around 200g! We are very happy with the safety and it’s direct and dynamic handling. -and with the sporty characteristics of the new generation.

TENOR 2 Technical Features

The TENOR 2 is a technically very complex wing for its class (low to mid B). Due to the further reduction of the suspensions compared to its little sister SYMPHONIA 2, it has a lot more diagonal fingers in the interior. Building on the technology of the SYMPHONIA 2, the sail tension of the TENOR 2 has been further optimized. The handling adjustment and characteristic also uses the extended possibilities of the B class: this makes the TENOR 2 more sporty.

TENOR 2 Designer’s Note
Even the sisters SYMPHONIA 2 and TENOR 2 are still similar, the difference in the second generation is bigger. It was worth to invest some more time and effort: finally, we found the TENOR 2 to be an extremely well-balanced wing that is a lot of fun to fly and play around with. Hannes Papesh

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