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Savage Explore new frontiers A light glider to move far and fast. At 15m/s stepping on... mehr
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Explore new frontiers
A light glider to move far and fast. At 15m/s stepping on the bar or at 3m/s pushing on the hiking poles.
Category : EN-C
Weight : 4,00 kg in M
Sizes : XS / S / M / M-L
Colors: Earth / Fire / Polar

We received the first prototype at our head office in Annecy during fall 2018. The glide ratio was already good between 40 and 50km/h and the control very direct but we found the glider too demanding in active air at the time.
So we spent the next 6 months setting up dihedra and brake distribution to get the ideal control over the glider. We finally went for a setting that enables a high-efficiency turn while maintaining a fair margin to the stall point. The effort on the brake line is increasing and reaches its maximum right before the stall point. The “catch” is efficient to stop surges.

Then, we dedicated 2019 to maximise the glider’s performance while staying within the EN-C certification criterions. After more than one hundred flying hours on all the different sizes, sometimes in unlikely places and rough conditions, we finally found the good setting.
Early 2020, the SAVAGE is ready. It is very stable around the pitch and roll axis at speed and enables the pilot to soar the ridge with efficiency. A usable low-speed range is available to land in altitude. Taking off again is a breeze. On the SAVAGE we put a good effort in making sure that all sizes through the range (from XS to ML) offer similar performance levels.

WARNING: While being fairly accessible, the SAVAGE remains a sport glider. It is C-class certified according to EN-926-2 norm on classigying paragliders.
Practically it means that :
1- To fly the SAVAGE in active air you must adopt active piloting techniques. We recommand this gliders for pilots flying at least 50hours a year and having SIV experience
2- At speed, to control the glider and prevent surges, you must use the bars mounted on the C-risers. The brake handles stay in your hands.
3- If you pull the brake handles in the abyss of your harness, you will certainly experience a stall. So take the appropriate time to get to know the glider.
4- If you register for an SIV course with the SAVAGE, progress slowly towards accelerated collapses. They require more piloting than a progression glider.

Insights :
“The SAVAGE is a sport-glider, with high shape stability at speed. For me performance and handling are very similar to the WILD’s. I gladly use it for vol biv or hike-&-fly competition or any kind of adventure where you need to fly fast without overthinking your piloting.”
MARTIN REBORD, pilot. Usually takes off in the French Alps. Sometimes lands in Liechtenstein

” The SAVAGE is fast, precise and handy, usable over the whole speed range. Thanks to the light fabrics, inflation is a breeeze and the amplitude of the dynamic reactions in active air are limited. This is, in my opinion, the ideal tool and it looks good as well, what else could we ask for?”
JOËL FAVRE, professionnal. Teaches cross-country flying over the word.

Advanced pilots
Foot launch or tow launch

Ultralightweight risers
Sharknose airfoil
Low-friction Ronstan pulleys
Low-friction rings
Smart mini-ribs
Big-ears kit
Wingtip cleaning system

Outter surface fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex 32 g/m² & Skytex 27 g/m2
Inner surface fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex 27 g/m²
Walls fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex 32 & 27 hard finish
Reinforcements fabric: Porcher Sport SR 170
Upper and intermediate lines: Edelrid
Lower lines: Edelrid & Liros

EN-926-1 and 2 and LTF91/09 – Class C Certified

    SAVAGE Glider
    Inner bag / Compression strap
    Compact Case
    User’s manual (USB)
    Repair kit

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